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, so is mr. mondale's. they saved the life of the president of the united states. i thought that was a cheap shot telling the american people to try to divide class, rich and poor. but the big question, it isn't whether mrs. ferraro is doing well. i think they are depog pretty well. i know barbara and i are doing well. and it is darn sure mr. mondale is doing well with $1.4 million. but the question is, are the tax codes fair? the answer is, the rich are paying 6% more on taxes and the poor are getting a better break. they went to the ethics committee. they went to change the trust. the trust has been revealed. and i was sure glad to see that i had paid 42% of my gross income in taxes. >> are you really a texan? >> i am really a texan. i may have noted she has a new good accountant. i would like to get his name and phone number. i think i paid too much in the way of taxes. and residents, mr. boyd, legal residence for voting is very different. the domicile, they call it, very different than the house. they say you are living in the vice president's house. therefore you don't
.d.'s are coming from the united states, in our most complete engineering schools. that is a recipe for disaster. that is a recipe for disaster. we do not ever talk about it. we're just letting the thing unraveled. what about best new engineering schools, which you will be hearing about in a few days, in dallas, and they have a great school, but guess what -- i asked them onetime how many people they have from china, and this university right here, 2000, added to the top. >> this is an example of how we need to modernize our immigration policy and how we need to change education policy alice well. immigration policy is based on family relationships. it is not based on economic considerations, skills and knowledge. while we need to revitalize education for americans, we need to recognize the extent to which people are coming to america to learn we need to do what we need to do to keep them in america. >> this is our core problem. there trillions of connections in the brain called neurons. they start down at age 6 when they start public school. kids at a school soared like eagles, got college scho
that if the republicans take over control of the united states senate, they have made it clear that in order to pay for the tax cuts for the richest americans, they will make cuts elsewhere. what is the only proposal on the table? more than half a trillion dollars in cuts in education, basic infrastructure, and research. to have a good, federal partner in washington, we have to make funding education a priority. >> this question goes to elizabeth warren. can you tell us where you would look first and last? can you identify two federal programs that can be cut, and two he would work hard to protect? >> you are exactly right. we will have to take a balanced approach. i would be clear in terms of cutting the agricultural subsidy programs. it is time to cut in our military budget. we are winding out of one war. we can realign our priorities. on the other hand, i want to make clear i will not go to washington to cut medicare or social security benefits. [applause] when we talk about a balanced approach, we need to be talking about spending cuts and we need to be talking about increasing revenues. it tak
, that's what t big banks do. nobody else in the united states or in the uk is equally committed to making it medium sized. eat before the crisis or during the crisis. the importance to protect people with their money and give them a safe place to put it. those are all public functions. they're all protected every place. when push comes to shove, they get double. you shouldn't do that when people are just engaged in trading for their own account. without any public responsibilities as i see it. that's the heart of the matter. >> i'm very pleased you would come in at this ime. i think we suffer from a major confusion that you can help us sort out. in the u.s. they're returning following the advice. and we have in the independent banking commission a halfway house. and it should go the whole way. this is a completely wrong characterization that i think of what you're saying, you're saying they can't a wide rapg of functions that can be alongside the payment system. then there are another type of transactions that shouldn't be there at all. they should go off right to a separate ins
rush-hour number one enemy." #3, it angers and alienates the united states. and increasingly irritates turkey. why is russia doing this? there is continued disunity in the ranks of the rebels, although after this morning, there's another chance they say to reunify. hopefully, scout, think they won't be able to oust assad. turkey has not been willing to extend their anti-syrian rhetoric. however, the turkish prime minister is quite had strong. if he continues to be provoked by syrian shelling, he may take action. this is why in recent days, following the shelling, forcing down a jet flying to damascus, russia is trying to ply the situation and by increasing the supply of natural gas to turkey, making up for a short fly to iran to maintain good relations between russia and turkey despite what is happening in syria. in conclusion, moscow is taking a major middle east gamble with its policy in syria. if the gamble fails, and i think it will, hopefully if the u.s. get a little more active in the process, moscow's middle east policy will be in deep trouble. thank you. >> thank you very much.
attack in the united states last year. talk about credibility. when this administration says all options are on the table, they send all these mixed signals. in order to solve this peacefully, you have to have the ayatollahs change their minds. look at where they are. it is because this administration has no credibility on this issue. this administration watered down sanctions. now we have been in place because of congress. the military option is not being viewed as credible. make sure we have credibility. under a romney administration, we will have credibility. >> incredible. do you think there is any possibility the entire world would have joined us? russia and china? these are the most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions. period. when the governor is asked about it, he said, we have to keep the sanctions. you're going to go to war? the interesting thing, how are they going to prevent war? saye is nothing more they'd we should do than what we have already done. with regard to the ability of the united states to take action militarily, it is not in my purview to talk about c
. the united states has the worst rate of industrialized nations of women dying in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. under obama care there will be 30 million people without essential health care by the year 2022. and during the bush and the obama years our constitution has been shredded while the impeerl presidency -- the imperial presidency expanded. the presidents that think they can take us to war on a pack of lies. with presidents that think federal government should have the authority to round anyone up, including u.s. citizens, and imprison them without charges, without trial, without legal representation, and without the right ofwe do '. habeous corpus. and our elected officials are sound asleep when the pentagon is warning that climate change is a greater long-term security risk to the united states than terrorism. so if you like the way things are going, vote democratic or republican. if you want real change, vote your conscience, vote justice. economic justice, social justice, environmental justice. [cheers and applause] >> back to our opening statement from virgil goode.
to move on to another subject, a topic that involves immigration. >> mr. cruz, the united states wet foot-dry foot program allows cubans to come here and it's an opportunity not available to immigrants from other countries. should we extend that to others? >> well, the reason we have a different legal status for cubans is because the situation in that country is different. it is an oppressive, totalitarian regime that tortures and murders its citizens. the united states for centuries has allowed a situation of people seeking refugee status from political oppression and torture. i'll point out this is something for me that's in the about tract. i will point out that this is not abstract for me. my father was imprisoned and tortured. my aunt was imprisoned and tortured. my father was tortured by batista and my aunt was tortured by castro. i would love to be part of anything for this adjustment act. if there is a regime that respects the rights of its citizens and doesn't persecute the rights of its citizens, of course, we should clang the rules. but until that happens, i think it's importan
asked why are you running for the united states senate? it is so that my six grand general and -- grand children and future generations will have the promise for prosperity. that promise is rapidly slipping away because our economy is on the wrong track. 170,000 people woke up been arrested this morning without a job. if we can get our economy back on track, we can get our people back to work. i have a way to do that. i have been there. i have been bankrupt. i have lost everything. and i have been able to come back. that is what we need to do. my opponent has no plans and the policies in washington have only made things worse. you can have a path to create millions of jobs or you can have the path where someone is when to push our economy off a fiscal cliff. >> i really looking forward to this morning. i am a product of connecticut. i was raised to believe that i needed to live my life in a way to stand up to the -- for the middle-class families. that is why i passed the connecticut's them sell law, which is saving lives and the people to work. i went to congress to stand for manufactur
limits for members of the united states congress. i believe it would return the government closer to the people, in a way that ross perot is talking about. the president's terms are limited to two -- a total of eight years; what's wrong with limiting the terms of members of congress to 12? congress has gotten kind of institutionalized, for 38 years one party has controlled the house of representatives and the result, a sorry little post office that can't -- you know, can't do anything right and a bank that has more overdrafts than all the chase bank and citibank put together. we've got to do something about it and i think you get a certain arrogance -- bureaucratic arrogance -- when people stay there too long. and so i favor -- strongly favor -- term limits. and how to get them passed? send us some people that'll pass the idea. and i think you will, i think the american people want it now. every place i go i talk about it and i think they want it done. actually, you'd have to have some amendments to the constitution because of the way the constitution reads. >> thank you. governor
war. he served three terms in the united states senate. after being first elected in 1962. ran for president three times and was defeated by richard nixon in 1972. mr. mcgovern was united states ambassador to united nations food and agricultural agencies from 1998 to 2001. he won the presidential medal of freedom in 2000. and was the global ambassador in 2001. george mcgovern was 90. and our c-span cameras are live this morning in boca raton, florida. where operations are under way for the third and final three presidential debates. look at media outlets setting up there. sunday morning in boca raton, florida. watch and engaged with c-span as the presidential candidates meet for their last debate. as live tomorrow from florida. our live debate previous starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. at 9:00 p.m., cbs news chief and a moderator bobb schieffer moderates the debate. after the debate, your reactions and comments, calls, e-mails and tweets. fall our live coverage on c- span, c-span radio and online at the topic of the final debate, foreign affairs, the second debate was fr
disenfranchised group of voters in the united states today bar none. host: guest: you've got to deal with the secretary of state. there are states rights in state demanded how they want to run their voting process. your military i.d. while you were on active duty, this is the way it was set up, is that the card you have gets swept which identifies you and you are able to download your balance of the know it is you. it is up to you to get it mailed out. even in the civilian world, they can be subjected to fraud. the ballots now that to your house. there are those concerns. absentee ballots had been around for some time. the voter i.d. that the military uses is there voter i.d. card. they still have to go in and download and register. you are not automatically registered three or id card. host: tampa, fla., independent line, go ahead. caller: 94 cspan. -- thank you for cspan. there should be no question they should have the opportunity to vote. i think one of the largest claims is that the army as an all volunteer army forces. usually that means you work for free. if you are a voluntee
-president of the united states, paul ryan. >> [cheers and applause] thank you. how are you doing? look at that. o-h >>> i-o. >> i love that. it is fun. i just saw in miami sweat shirt. i spent three years there. it is great to see that. i have my lucky buckeye with me. he had this in his pocket throughout the entire campaign in 2010. he said it brought him great luck and a victory in ohio. you will help us. this will bring us the victory in ohio. [applause] lancaster, thank you for having us. you have a huge choice to make. we have the big trees to make. -- we have a big choice to make. i think we saw a sign of it last night just like we saw a week ago. they are offering no new ideas. the president is simply saying more on the same. hope and change has become attack and blame. when he was running for president carter years ago, barack obama gave a huge speech. he said if you do not have fresh ideas, use still tactics to scare voters. if you do not have a record to run on, if you pay your opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. ladies and gentlemen, that is
on small businesses create jobs in the united states, or closing deficit in a responsible way for a lot of us to invest in the future, all of those things are designed to make sure that the american people, their genius, their determination is channeled and they have an opportunity to succeed. everybody is getting a fair shot. everybody is playing by the same rules. four years ago i said i am not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. that is probably a promise gov. romney things i kept. i promised i would fight every single day on behalf of the american people. i have kept that promise. if you vote for me, i promise i will fight just as hard in the second term. >> thank you. thank you, mr. president. thank you for tuning in. this is an important election, and i am concerned about america. i am concerned about the direction of america has been taking. i know this is bigger than any election about the two of us as individuals. is bigger than our respective parties. it is about what kind of america do you want to have for yourself and your children. there are two different p
do not think that is good for the world. should the united states played a role? who will if we do not? those questions have not been answered in this campaign. is unfortunate because i think people do care about our national security, but it has not been highlighted by the campaign. >> one more question for each of these settlements -- these gentlemen and then we will take your questions this is about a poisonous political environment that we have today. i am a new york giants football fan. and when the redskins play the eagles, i want them both to lose. intellectually, i know that cannot happen, but that is what i want. there are a lot of people run this country who whenever republicans play the democrats, they want them both to lose. in 2006 and in 2010, they voted against whoever was in charge. if they just wanted to hondros someone out and hope something would improve -- they just wanted to throw someone out and hope something will improve. how do we get back to an environment where you vote on the issues and not hate someone who disagrees with you? >> there were times that ed
whether it signed a rights or women's rights every day i'm in the united states senate. when the mcmahon, as a republican, is simply going to be another vote to empower it. at the critical difference. >> mr. murphy, you voted with your party 90% of the time. i am independent thinker. i will differ from my party on particular issues. >> on that one? on the issue of civil rights? >> i will absolutely differ from my party. i am pro-choice candidate, i believe in equal rights for all. i would have voted to repeal don't ask, don't tell. i don't think we should have discrimination in the military, the workplace or anywhere. >> our next question is to mr. murphy. >> knowing that voters form their opinions based on political ads, how can you justify airing ads that in some cases have been determined by fact checkers to be misleading, confusing, and downright inaccurate? >> the ads that you see on tv for me right now are me in my kitchen talking to voters directly about the differences between me and linda mcmahon on critical issues. i support a middle-class tax cut. when the mcmahon includes a t
outsourcing of jobs from the united states and from other advanced economies. and that has an income and jobs hit. but to me, the larger effect is for a second i tried to think like a microeconomist. this is globalization is actually about the creation of tens and tens of thousands of new businesses who are competing with businesses usually in their own home market. so chinese companies competing with u.s. companies in the chinese market. or in asian markets where china's exporting to. and also, the united states our companies competing more with european companies in chinese markets and as it progresses in our market as well. and even if it's u.s. companies in china, the importance of this is that these intensification of competition makes it much harder for companies to raise their prices. and it reduces price leverage it's called and the importance of that -- we know this is happening because we have really low inflation throughout the decade. they couldn't raise their prices. or not as much. the importance of this is that u.s. companies also have very significant increases in costs and in
in the united states in the public schools, and that is in modesto, california. i helped them get that going after a conflict they had. they have done really well with that. all ninth graders take a of world religions. it has been fined. -- fine. there are many world religion electives now. they are the exception. they're not many districts have world religion electives. but the core curriculum, where we need more natural inclusion of teaching about religion, is a tougher nut to crack because of time constraints, because of the issues of teachers not being prepared to teach about religion. we have to address the core curriculum, including more about how religions are part of society and the role of religion. wewe have come a long way in 20 years, but i think we've still got a lot of work to do. >> do you want to add to that quickly? >> quickly, i do not think the establishment clause has been the cause of this. i think there is a religious literacy problem in the country. i think the establishment clause has helped. i think it would be worse if it were not the case. americans' lack literacy
a sitting president of united states to say we have a problem in the fiscal cliff we should solve, not they have a problem and point fingers. this is a big deal. it is very dangerous for the economy. mitt romney is not sitting in the seat where he gets a vote, but he should highlight the danger of this to the economy, the importance from here to the spring, and once you get to the spring, you have to do something. you have to commit to raising taxes and cutting spending. politicians hate those things. >> i totally agree with that. i think we need to hear from the candidates that they are serious about getting the deficits down to economically-sustainable levels over the next 10 years and not allow a short-term fiscal clipped to derail the economy. i would also like the default position to be that we revert to what it says in current law. i would like that to be the default, rather than business as usual. signal would you like to hear? >> we have really fallen into a horrible pattern of only making decisions when we face a crisis. the super committee last year was an attempt at a f
a qualifier. it can be based anywhere in the world or the united states. all they need is a computer and internet connection with an autodialer company. the autodialer company then as the connection for voice carriers and pst and telephone networks. the lead generator is just trying to find people for these products or services which will scams, they willmas blast of calls to home of our. whomever. they're going sit quietly through numbers and looking for bodies. the costs are so much lower now. the startup costs are lower, almost zero, you can get dialing in a few hours now. you don't need a pbx lots of copper lines or a telephone perry just made your computer and internet connection. they will send out these calls going through an autodialer which will put them into the telephone network and that will go out all over the country. the small percentage of people end up answering and listening to the message. the message will be like the one you may have heard earlier, the racial call, press one if you are interested in lowering your credit card debt, press 2 to go on our do not call
with that. can you even imagine scolding the president of the united states? she said something interesting, this is the most important election in my lifetime. i thought, wow, she is about 86 years old. she has been the wife of the president and the mother of a president. and this is the most important election of for a lifetime. wow. it is the most important election of our lifetime. [applause] we all know that is why you are here. he is running because he loves america and he knows we have to get it right this time. we are running out of time. we have to get right this time. we have to do everything we can -- we have to listen to barbara bush. you have to really participate. you have to really work because this is going to make all the difference in the world. this will change the course of america. here we are. we are ready. i am excited and i will tell you one other thing. i have seen him succeed at everything he does. as a husband, as a father, as a business guy, at the olympics, as a governor. he does not fail. [applause] and he will not fail america. let's make sure we do everything
a device, but get your pension. he also invests in chinese companies, and outside of the united states. >> we are way off topic here, governor romney. [laughter] >> governor romney, thank you. >> i think it is interesting the president said something that on the day after the attack he went to the rose garden and said this was an act of terror. he said the day after the attack that it was an act of terror, not a spontaneous demonstration? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we got the for the record, because it took him 14 days. >> get the transcript. >> he did, in fact, sir. >> can use it got louder, -- server. candy? >> it did as well take two weeks or so for the idea of there being a right which it right out there. you're correct about that. >> the administration indicated this was a reaction to a video and it was a spontaneous reaction. it took them a long time to say it was a terrorist act by a terrorist group, am i incorrect in that regard? on sunday, the investor to the united nations went on the television shows and spoke about -- and faster to the united nation
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